Hi, I'm Dylan

I want you to imagine being in full control of your financial life.
Being free. That's Intuitive Finance.

Intuitive Finance is a Philosophy.

We understand that orchestrating one's finances goes beyond simple calculations and spreadsheets.

We're nurturing a community of individuals who seek to experience life through a lens of self-determined abundance. Intuitive Finance is a journey - a bouquet of intuitive strategies and characteristics that could aid you in reimagining your money story.


Let's Talk about Coaching

I don't care how much money you're currently earning. That's not as important as you think. Not fundamentally.

What's more important is to examine your relationship to money, demystify some terrifying misconceptions, and to help you develop the mindset you need to meet and exceed your goals.


I have 3 core coaching programs

These programs all cover the fundamentals but each of them has a different focus. In fact, some of my clients are in all three programs.


This program provides a huge value for husbands and wives who have trouble having the money conversation but desperately wish to build a future together.
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Getting your financial house in order

Scarcity. Shame. Fear. Much of the transition from financial insecurity to embracing Intuitive Finance involves scrutinizing these persistent voices and fundamentally reshaping those financial narratives.
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This one came out of the other two programs. Many people I work with could use a hand plotting a roadmap to career success and executing on that plan. Don't worry - we got this.
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The Intuitive Finance learning tools including documents and worksheets to help you forge your own path and master your fiscal life. You can get more info about the Toolkit here.
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“I am so glad to have taken Dylan’s coaching course. He really helped me to understand my relationship with money, which allowed me to grow past many of the habits I’ve had that have not served me. I had no idea my money habits were based in emotions! I feel much more secure in my financial decisions and conversations now. I would highly recommend Dylan’s course to you!”


“Dylan is an excellent financial coach who helped me understand that money is not just about numbers and spreadsheets – it’s about our emotions, values, and beliefs. He helped me align my financial goals with my personal values and priorities, and I now feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my financial life.”


“Dylan truly cared about our well-being and took the time to understand our unique challenges and goals. He is more than just a financial coach – he is like a therapist for your relationship with money. He helped us communicate better about our money, lock in our shared vision, and build a strong foundation for pursuing our financial future. We’re now more confident and in control of our finances than ever before.”

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