One on One Personal Coaching

The Couples Conversation
Money is emotional - this is doubly so when it comes to couples. Money is a huge source of strife in relationships. Let's fix that.

The Problem

One of the biggest reasons cited for marital instability is a lack of communication. The inability to have an honest money conversation around money creates a relationship that is foundationally compromised.

Couples are far more than the sum of both parts.

All money decisions are emotional and with couples this is especially hard because each side of a partnership is going to bring their own money stories into that partnership, and the partnership itself is going to have its own money story.

The inability to have an honest money conversation where you can actually focus on the person, your spouse, or your partner, is a huge source of strife in relationships. That is to say, if you can't have that foundational conversation with your partner, chances are good that shame or other issues will become an unspoken tension that carries through the rest of the relationship, and that then is going to drive a sense of unsafety within that relationship.

Relationships, fundamentally, start off with physiological needs. Can you break bread together? Can you be intimate together? Can you create shelter together? Do you feel safe with this person?


How This Works

We facilitate these vital conversations for couples and create a structure for them. We work with each individual and we the couple as a unit to help remove underlying behavioral causes that create tension, distrust, and fear.

These foundational issues left unexamined create more bad behaviors and the cycle continues. Let's break that cycle!

Clarity of Vision

The vast majority of couples never have a serious discussion around money, nevermind the emotional life they carry into the relationship with money. In fact, most couples never discuss what they are building together. No wonder the #1 reason for divorce involves financial difficulties. Thankfully, this is a skill that can be learned and brought into your relationship. Financial coaching starts with getting clarity on the sides for every partnership: you, them, and the partnership itself. We will explore what serves each of you, and what each of you truly wish to build together in this life

Financial Education

The realm of finance is often marked on a person's knowledge map with a sign declaring "here be dragons". This makes sense. So much of what is discussed around finance is vague legalese and opaque terms that are beyond the education of the vast majority of everyday people. With couples, there is often a mismatch in knowledge that drives many other issues in the partnership. When you sign up for coaching, you will receive a foundation in personal finance taught in simple accessible terms.

Emotional Guidance

Money is emotional and it is the emotional landscape of money that prevents the personal growth we crave. With couples, it is even more complex as the relationship is part of the discussion. I understand this on a deep embodied level. My own journey involved a lot of learning and curiosity for myself and my wife. It was not easy, just worth it. Coaching provides a space free of judgement to explore and understand each other and your relationship around money and rewrite your stories from scarcity and fear to abundance and joy.

Systematic Approach

In the end, the system always wins. Therefore, we will teach you a systemic approach to managing your financial life that will create an inevitability of success. Just because it is systematic doesn't mean it is rigid. We will adjust this approach to fit your needs.

Proven Track Record

My first coaching client was myself. Starting from a place buried deep in debt, unsure of how to get out of it, I coached myself along the way. Mistakes were made, setbacks were suffered, and through it all I was able to find a way forward. I took that methodology and applied to my very first clients who were able to increase income and get out of debt within two years. Fast forward to present, over a hundred clients have gone through the program and found their own paths forward.

Customized Support

We will meet you where you are and provide the support that you need for your situation. All success looks the same but all those in need of help have their own unique path that brought them there. We will light a path forward for you and help you determine what you need to leave behind emotionally to take your first steps toward a brighter future.


This is your chance to take a step forward toward crafting a life that serves you. Whether it is creating a vision, taking control of your finances, or landing that next opportunity, Dylan is more than just a mentor, he is a fellow traveler on the path. With more than seven years of financial and mentoring experience, taking this first step will set you up for success and pay dividends for years to come.

“I am so glad to have taken Dylan’s coaching course. He really helped me to understand my relationship with money, which allowed me to grow past many of the habits I’ve had that have not served me. I had no idea my money habits were based in emotions! I feel much more secure in my financial decisions and conversations now. I would highly recommend Dylan’s course to you!”


“Dylan is an excellent financial coach who helped me understand that money is not just about numbers and spreadsheets – it’s about our emotions, values, and beliefs. He helped me align my financial goals with my personal values and priorities, and I now feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my financial life.”


“Dylan truly cared about our well-being and took the time to understand our unique challenges and goals. He is more than just a financial coach – he is like a therapist for your relationship with money. He helped us communicate better about our money, lock in our shared vision, and build a strong foundation for pursuing our financial future. We’re now more confident and in control of our finances than ever before.”

Anthony & Amy