Why work with Dylan?

Let's face it. If good money management really just came down to spreadsheets and budgets, my job would be completely irrelevant.

Getting under the surface

Oftentimes, when people are looking at their finances they're looking at a situation in which the emotions of money are actually getting in the way of the management of money. It's entirely possible that you are not bad with money. You're addicted to scarcity.

I've been in those shoes. And I've been at the very bottom working multiple jobs, going further into debt and on welfare and have had to face so many of the demons that play people from feelings of worthiness to anxiety about chasing money to wondering what's gonna happen as I redefine my life on my terms. How will that change my relationships with myself, with my spouse, with my kids, with my family, with my friends, with my communities?

Don't Walk This Alone

I've been in those shoes. I've walked through those fires. I faced intimidating odds implying for jobs. I faced difficulties having to network. I've faced difficulties having a network among people that were complete strangers and contexts that I had never been in before. And in every turn I've been able to find ways to look inside myself and work with my emotions to experience my life from the neck down and using and leveraging those insights about myself on an emotional level. I have been able to craft myself financial sovereignty.

Why work with Dylan? Because he takes a person first mentality in all things. We come to meet you where you're at without judgment, without recrimination. To be able to hold that space so that we can rewrite our money stories, we can heal our old, old money wounds. That we can understand that money is first and foremost emotional and that personal finance is personal first and everything else.

The system isn't designed to work for us

Again, why work with Dylan? Because we're going to look at where you're at on Maslow's hierarchy of needs and help hold the space so that you can grow through meeting your physiological needs, to creating safety and security, to learning how to be in relationship with yourself and your money, to being able to garner the esteem of your peers and be able to self-actualize and create a legacy that you can leave behind on a financial level.

Why work with Dylan? Because you're ready to make a change - because you're sick and tired of being lost because you're one of the multitude of people who increasingly are waking up to the fact that the world that we live in is not set up to help us, to grow us, to edify us. It is set up to extract from us, and we are sick of it.

Why work with Dylan? Because it's good to know that there are more than just you who have looked around at the civilized world, the approved path and said, You know what? To hell with that. It doesn't serve me. It doesn't advance me. It doesn't feed and nourish me on any level. Psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, physical.

It takes a tribe

Why work with Dylan? Because we're building tribes of people - human beings who are able to live life on their terms, who can take control of their financial lives and live free.

Why work with Dylan? Because it is a path that we have found that we have lit the way. It's a series of mindsets and techniques that can help collapse time and where you could do it yourself in 10 years, we will help you do it in far, far less.

Why work with Dylan? Because you are ready to be done fucking around because you're ready to take control of your life. You're ready to step up and say, I may not be responsible for what has happened to me, but I am responsible for how I respond to it, and I am willing to invest in myself, to bring in the coaches and expertise that I need to move forward to craft a new vision for my future. To forge way home.

Why work with Dylan? Because you're ready. Because you're worth it. Because this is the way forward. Because I've walked the path, because I'm walking the path and I would like to walk it with you.

Let's Talk about Coaching

I don't care how much money you're currently earning. That's not as important as you think. Not fundamentally.

What's more important is to examine your relationship to money, demystify some terrifying misconceptions, and to help you develop the mindset you need to meet and exceed your goals.


I have 3 core coaching programs

These programs all cover the fundamentals but each of them has a different focus. In fact, some of my clients are in all three programs.


This program provides a huge value for husbands and wives who have trouble having the money conversation but desperately wish to build a future together.
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Getting your financial house in order

Scarcity. Shame. Fear. Much of the transition from financial insecurity to embracing Intuitive Finance involves scrutinizing these persistent voices and fundamentally reshaping those financial narratives.
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This one came out of the other two programs. Many people I work with could use a hand plotting a roadmap to career success and executing on that plan. Don't worry - we got this.
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This is your chance to take a step forward toward crafting a life that serves you. Whether it is creating a vision, taking control of your finances, or landing that next opportunity, Dylan is more than just a mentor, he is a fellow traveler on the path. With more than seven years of financial and mentoring experience, taking this first step will set you up for success and pay dividends for years to come.

Dylan, I want to thank you and pay you a compliment for your coaching services. You not only helped us dig into our finances but facilitated conversations that my wife and I had been avoiding for years. Now we’re working together to solve issues that will impact our future positively, issues that neither one of us could have even started on our own. Thank you!


“Dylan is an excellent financial coach who helped me understand that money is not just about numbers and spreadsheets – it’s about our emotions, values, and beliefs. He helped me align my financial goals with my personal values and priorities, and I now feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my financial life.”


“I am so glad to have taken Dylan’s coaching course. He really helped me to understand my relationship with money, which allowed me to grow past many of the habits I’ve had that have not served me. I had no idea my money habits were based in emotions! I feel much more secure in my financial decisions and conversations now. I would highly recommend Dylan’s course to you!”