A New Narrative: Rewriting Our Money Stories

Episode #96

We all carry money stories that already began way back when we were children. In many cases, these stories that come to shape our approach toward finance lead us to form self-sabotaging actions and unhealthy relationships with money.

So how do we change the narrative and rewrite these money stories into something that actually works for us?

Show Highlights

  • [01:37] Stories and social programming
  • Five stories we carry around our money and how they shape our actions
    • [04:14] The story of scarcity and having enough
    • [08:22] The story of linking self-worth to wealth and income
    • [11:23] The story of money as the root of all evil
    • [13:53] The story of avoidance and fear of making a mistake
    • [16:16] The story of control and getting lucky
  • [18:42] Five tips on how to rewrite your money stories

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