Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Episode #41

On Feb. 3, a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, igniting a fire that covered the town in smoke. The incident has since turned into a political football and spectacle — one that continues to generate headline after headline in the media.


If there’s one thing you should take away from this, it’s the idea that you can’t rely on anyone to save you. It’s in your best interest to be prepared, whether for train derailments, statewide power outages, or any other disaster — man-made or otherwise.


In today’s show, Dylan talks about the recent Ohio train derailment, tips for emergency preparedness, and how you can apply those same tips to get your financial house in order.

Show Highlights

  • [02:22] The recent East Palestine, Ohio train derailment explained
  • [06:10] The role that regulations play in protecting consumers and communities
  • [12:06] Key takeaways from the Ohio train derailment
  • [13:40] Why you’re ultimately the only person you can rely on
  • [15:15] The importance of having a plan and what that entails
  • [18:03] Why being organized is key to being prepared
  • [22:18] Why you should periodically review and adjust your preparedness plans
  • [23:59] How you can apply the elements of preparedness to your financial life

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