Ask Me Anything With Dylan Bain

Episode #27

In this first Friday episode of Fiscally Savage in 2023, Dylan answers some interesting questions from his Instagram followers, tackling relevant topics like inflation and offering some hard-hitting personal finance advice while he’s at it.

Show Highlights

  • [01:22] Where you can start on your personal finance journey
  • [06:06] Explaining zero-based budgeting to friends and family
  • [07:56] On slipping backward with your budget
  • [10:25] The most significant resistance to changing your relationship with money
  • [18:07] Dylan’s biggest inspiration in the workplace
  • [19:40] Transitioning from a blue-collar job to a commission-based job
  • [25:14] Myths about financial security
  • [29:15] On purchasing power and inflation
  • [34:30] What you can do about inflation

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