Away From Conscious Misalignment with Jordan Gray (REBROADCAST)

Episode #117

Sometimes, misery and shame is comfortable. It’s always been in your life. It’s predictable. It’s safe.

But until when can you keep this in your reality and in your relationships? Until when can you keep holding yourself back? Until when do you plan to continue on the path of conscious misalignment?

Let’s give a warm welcome to our guest Jordan Gray as he lends us his expertise to answer all our questions about relationships and how we deal with shame, reality, and all the other obstacles that keep us from moving forward.

Join us in this special episode of Intuitive Finance as we reimagine your relationship and money story.

Show Highlights

  • [01:53] Jordan’s journey into relationship coaching
  • [04:24] The actual goal of relationship coaching
  • [08:06] Shame and fear as defense mechanisms
  • [13:38] Shame as a safety blanket
  • [19:15] Shame as something predictable
  • [21:44] Having the right relationship with reality
  • [25:17] Dealing with and moving forward from the now
  • [31:01] The path to openness and saying yes
  • [37:57] The big stumbling blocks to moving forward

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