Becoming Strong for Life with Coach Josh Wood

Episode #104

It’s time to talk about fitness with this episode’s guest, Coach Josh Wood.

Coach Josh is a fitness expert based in Tasmania offering a new perspective on health and physical fitness. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in health science and a plethora of experiences in various fields from powerlifting to hiking, Coach Josh is the founder and head coach of Strong For Life Online Coaching. His holistic and nature-based approach to fitness, combined with highly individualized and efficient programs, has helped thousands become the best version of themselves.

In this episode, we talk about Coach Josh’s journey that led him to establish Strong for Life and the lifestyle and philosophy that fuels his coaching. We also delve into the parallels between fitness and finance, the importance of accountability and intention, and the benefits of having a coach to help with your goals.

Join us to reimagine your story and learn how to become strong for life.

Show Highlights

  • [02:21] The journey towards being Coach Josh Wood
  • [09:09] How the Strong for Life lifestyle comes alive
  • [14:20] Shame spirals and prevention
  • [23:36] The role of nature in the Strong for Life philosophy
  • [28:05] The science behind nutrition and food preparation
  • [36:55] Benefits of a locavore diet
  • [43:22] The need for a coach in your journey
  • [48:41] Where to find more Coach Josh Wood

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