Being Intentional: 5 Steps to Acting With More Intentionality

Episode #16

What does it mean to live life with intentionality? What does it look like to do things with more intention? Perhaps most importantly, how do you start acting with more intentionality?

Dylan answers these questions and more in this latest episode of Fiscally Savage.

Show Highlights

  • [02:11] Intentionality and why it’s important
  • [04:38] Examples that show a lack of intentionality in decisionmaking
  • [08:10] What happens when you act with more intentionality
  • [11:18] Five steps to acting with more intentionality
  • [12:20] The importance of cultivating a sense of self
  • [15:51] Why core values matter in relationship building
  • [19:06] The importance of creating a plan, no matter how small

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