Building Healthy Relationships with Duey Freeman

Episode #94

When we say “relationship,” the first thing that comes into mind is a partner, and then afterwards, family, friends, kids, maybe even co-workers.

But a relationship is also that waiter in that restaurant you ate, or the clerk at the store. It’s with the land that you walk on, the trees that surround you. It’s with food, television, and yes, money. Relationship is, in a word, everywhere.

So why is it that most people struggle, and what can be done to start building better ones?

Our very first guest at Intuitive Finance is Duey Freeman, an educator, licensed therapist, and co-founder of the Gestalt Equine Institute. Backed by an extensive background of over 50 years, listen in as Duey talks through with Dylan how to start establishing healthy relationships – with people, with nature, and with your money.

Show Highlights

  • [00:55] Duey’s 50-year background in relationships
  • [03:14] What does a relationship really look like?
  • [06:48] Effects of nature and relationship deprivation
  • [11:56] Contact, the core of building healthier relationships
  • [16:27] Effects of not knowing how to make contact
  • [20:03] Predicting the inanimate versus forming a trust bond
  • [24:24] Trust issues and the 3 minimum parts of a relationship
  • [29:57] Talking about resources in a relationship
  • [34:54] Creating contact around resources
  • [35:52] Quantifying versus trusting

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