ChatGPT, AI Tools, and the Future of Work

Episode #33

ChatGPT is the latest artificial intelligence (AI) sensation that can generate human-like text. Following its launch last December, ChatGPT took the internet by storm, sparking fears that it could put creative professionals out of work in the near future.

But AI tools like ChatGPT are unlikely to make humans obsolete anytime soon, even if a tech-driven future is closer than we may think. As with previous technological advances, how we interact with the world will likely change in the era of widely accessible AI tools. Whether for better or worse, though, is anyone’s guess.

In today’s episode, Dylan wades into AI territory, offering sobering but hopeful commentary on the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT. He also talks about whether AI tools will take over jobs and how we can prepare for an uncertain future in a world of AI.

Show Highlights

  • [01:49] ChatGPT and what it does
  • [05:08] Automation during the Industrial Revolution
  • [08:40] The economic impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement
  • [13:38] How we can prepare for an AI takeover, according to ChatGPT
  • [16:24] How we can actually prepare for an uncertain future in a world of AI
  • [21:46] The silver lining

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