Communication in a Relational World with Mark Sylvester

Episode #97

Communication is one of the most regular things we do to build our relationships, so why is it that a lot of us have no idea how we’re actually supposed to do it?

Mark Sylvester is a celebrated innovator whose journey epitomizes innovation. Notable for his award-winning efforts in the tech and entertainment industry, he is also a seasoned podcaster in his own right. Mark is the force behind the transformative audio education format PodClass, and is the executive producer for, which uses applied storytelling to craft compelling narratives for brands.

In this episode of Intuitive Finance, we step away a bit from tackling your money story head-on and first understand the elements that help you in your journey to reimagine your money story. To do so, join Mark and me as we dive into one of the most important keys in establishing your relationships: effective and intentional communication.

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Show Highlights

  • [04:27] The intention of communication
  • [11:55] 4 kinds of meetings
  • [16:22] The utility of applied improv
  • [20:27] “No, but”, “Yes, but”, and “Yes, and” with Mark and Dylan
  • [24:30] Living in a relational versus transactional world
  • [29:25] Winning versus leading a team to success
  • [33:05] The numbers game and the 1% good ideas
  • [37:54] Redefining failure
  • [44:47] Every situation is an opportunity to train

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