Defining Your Vision for Your Financial Life

Episode #20

Security. Zero debt. Passive income. These are just some of the many different visions people have of what it means to be financially successful.

However, these are merely pseudovisions, i.e., things that society tells you will somehow make you complete, like a college degree, a high-paying job, and a house with a yard and a white picket fence. 

But if you are to take control of your financial life and live free, you need to create an authentic vision, one that is gripping, inherently emotional, and grounded in your reality.

In this episode, Dylan discusses the importance of creating a financial vision for the future, pseudovisions and how they lead to the civilized path, and how you can make a vision that speaks to you and you alone.

Show Highlights

  • [03:43] What a lack of financial vision looks like
  • [06:02] How pseudovisions can keep you from taking control of your financial life
  • [08:50] The importance of creating an authentic vision for your life
  • [16:06] Identify your vision by writing your own obituaries
  • [17:48] Three sentence stems that can help you determine your wants and goals
  • [21:25] Assess your vision by spending a day by yourself outdoors

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