Embracing Uncertainty and Choosing Yourself with Demetra Gray

Episode #108

Our guest this episode is Demetra Gray, a writer whose outspokenness has gotten her into many rounds of trouble. Along with her writing, she is also the host of podcast The Demetra Gray Show. And when you want to talk about relationships and truth, she is sure to help you find your truth and live it out loud.

Join Demetra and I as we talk about certainty, bravery, and the first person you should always trust, listen to, and choose: yourself.

Show Highlights

  • [01:50] How intuition and trusting one’s self shaped Demetra’s life
  • [06:30] The comfortability of certainty
  • [11:03] The juxtaposition between bravery and comfort
  • [18:34] Listening to and choosing yourself
  • [28:31] Cults, the thirst for certainty, and continuous evolution
  • [39:39] Mentorship and elderhood
  • [43:45] Where to find more Demetra Gray

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