Farewell Nice Guy, Welcome the UNcivilized Man with Traver Boehm

Episode #102

For this episode’s guest, a simple conversation about McDonald’s spurred one crucial change within himself: becoming a man uncivilized.

Traver Boehm is the author of two books, Today I Rise and Man UNcivilized. He is also a two-time TED-X speaker, men’s coach, and founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement.

In this episode, Traver and I talk about how to say goodbye to the “Nice Guy” and start the journey into an actualized version of masculinity. This discussion is all about delving into the suffering of men, the importance of confronting yourself and taking personal responsibility, and the steps taken toward the path of becoming uncivilized.

Show Highlights

  • [02:14] Why do “Nice Guys” need to die?
  • [09:11] Who’s responsible for whose happiness?
  • [17:53] Relationships as three different buckets
  • [28:23] Man UNcivilized
  • [36:55] Society’s role in making “Nice Guys”
  • [41:14] Personal responsibility, accountability, and discipline
  • [47:16] Where to find more Traver Boehm

Links & Resources

🟢 Man UNcivilized

🟢 Traver’s Instagram

🟢 Intuitive Finance with Dylan Bain

🟢 Intuitive Finance Toolkit

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Books Mentioned

🟢 Man UNcivilized by Traver Boehm

🟢 Today I Rise by Traver Boehm



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