Financial Harmony: The Keys to Effective Money Conversations with Your Partner

Episode #105

Money is emotional. Family is emotional. Relationships are emotional.

But despite the burdens, shame, and family stories we carry on our shoulders everyday, we can have an open and honest conversation with ourselves and our partners.

It takes a lot of time and effort, but the most important part is to take the first step. Only then can we begin to have a real and effective money conversation and progress towards financial harmony.

Join us now on Intuitive Finance as we discuss the importance of communicating, putting aside judgment and expectation, and addressing the realities of our money stories.

Show Highlights

  • [00:39] The emotional burden in money and relationships
  • [06:43] Financial disputes, family of origin, and changing priorities
  • [12:44] The power disparity in relationships
  • 4 strategies for financial harmony
  • [15:32] Have a partnership business meeting
  • [18:37] Put aside judgment and expectation
  • [21:16] Have a joint financial vision
  • [24:23] Deal with and address reality
  • [27:12] Applying the four strategies for financial harmony
  • [32:06] Financial and marital harmony

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