Financial Therapy: The Psychology Behind Our Money Stories

Episode #101

Money is not about discipline. It is about emotions. It is about our past, present, and future.

Our money stories aren’t just about us. It is about our families, our partners, the people in our everyday lives.

And so, to get to the root of our money stories, we first need to get to the root of our emotions. And, as many of us know, that is easier said than done. But there isn’t a better time to begin than right now.

Join us now to learn about the idea behind financial therapy, and why psychology and finance don’t seem like an odd fit after all.

Show Highlights

  • [04:57] The idea behind financial therapy
  • [08:01] Getting to the root of your money story
  • [12:20] Why “you need discipline” is poor advice
  • [14:14] Combining psychology and finance
  • [17:32] Seeking professional help for financial therapy
  • [20:34] Financial therapists and financial coaches
  • [24:30] Whose money story it really is

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