Finite vs. Infinite Games: Which One Are You Playing?

Episode #75

There are really only two games in life: finite and infinite.

People who focus on quick wins, short-term gains, and success at all costs play finite games. They swear by start and finish lines and insist on there being winners and losers.

If you want to lay an excellent foundation for your life, finite games won’t cut it. You need to play infinite games instead.

In this episode, Dylan discusses finite and infinite games, the importance of knowing which one we’re playing, and how we can apply the infinite game mindset to different aspects of our lives.

Show Highlights

  • [03:20] What is a finite game?
  • [04:41] The problem with playing finite games
  • [06:49] Other examples of finite games
  • [12:39] Infinite games defined
  • [15:55] Example of playing an infinite game in a relationship
  • [19:19] The importance of having a “just cause” when playing infinite games
  • [21:56] Money as an infinite game

Links & Resources

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