How Money Wounds Keep You From Financial Success (REBROADCAST)

Episode #88

There is an emotional element in our attitudes and decision-making around money. And when that element takes over, financial challenges like overspending can occur.

In this episode, Dylan walks us through the emotional wounds that lead to overspending, the ways we fall victim to them, and how we can take back control over our personal finances.

Show Highlights

  • [03:05] The four things that are at the root of most people’s overspending
  • [04:29] How the childlike excitement over having money dovetails with overspending and retail therapy
  • [07:08] How having more money than normal can inflate our sense of safety and security
  • [10:10] On the idea of nobility in poverty
  • [15:41] Self-doubt about money and how it leads to overspending

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