How to Act With More Intentionality

Episode #4

In this episode of the Fiscally Savage podcast, Dylan talks about why money is time, the importance of money management, and the ways in which we can act with more intentionality in life.

Show Highlights

  • [00:31] The incident that made Dylan want to live with more intentionality
  • [02:46] Why money is time
  • [05:19] Why managing your money is foundational to your growth as a person
  • [06:32] Why the energy you bring to events in your life is even more important than time
  • [08:12] Why your attention is your most important economic resource
  • [15:57] Intentionality as the key to taking control of your time, energy, and attention
  • [17:06] The four steps to acting with more intentionality
  • [24:06] How things have gone for Dylan since he started to live with more intentionality

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