How to Be More Intentional With Your Time

Episode #8

In this episode of the Fiscally Savage podcast, Dylan talks about time — our most precious, nonrenewable resource — and the role it plays in the money equation, as well as the ways in which we can create more time in our lives.

Show Highlights

  • [02:16] The equation on how to make money
  • [04:25] Why we do not all have the same 24 hours
  • [05:00] How food can impact your 24 hours
  • [07:18] How your living situation can impact your 24 hours
  • [11:13] Why improving your life is an iterative process
  • [14:47] How you can create more time in your day
  • [15:29] How making your bed every morning can improve your life
  • [16:20] How an everyday carry kit can improve your life
  • [18:45] Why you should plan your meals
  • [19:20] How task batching can free up time
  • [20:32] How you can use your smartphone to manage your time better

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