How to Build Your Resilience in a Modern World

Episode #60

In today’s world, we depend on many things, from the electric grid that powers our homes to the cars we drive to go to our jobs. But emergencies and crises, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, have shown us how vulnerable we can be when too dependent on external factors.


So, how can we become less reliant on these external systems? Can we even be completely independent of those systems? Better yet — is there a more realistic way we can face life’s uncertainties head-on?


In this episode, Dylan dives into these questions and provides tips for building resiliency in our lives.

Show Highlights

  • [04:54] Independence vs. resilience
  • [05:44] Examples of things we are dependent on
  • [15:10] How dependencies are interconnected
  • [18:03] Five tips for building resiliency in your life
  • [30:47] How I have used those tips in my life

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