How to Increase the Value That You Add

Episode #10

In this episode of the Fiscally Savage podcast, Dylan talks about the value part of the money equation — money is equal to the time you give plus the value you add — and how you can increase that value to take control of your life.

Show Highlights

  • [02:26] The equation on how to make money
  • [03:10] Changing the value you add with the time that you have
  • [04:08] How you can increase the value you add
  • [07:48] The importance of understanding the system you are in and how it works
  • [13:24] The reality that you are playing a game whenever money is involved
  • [20:30] Practicing excellence as a way to increase the value you add
  • [21:12] The “yeah-buts” and why you shouldn’t listen to them
  • [25:35] Moving forward as a way to gain sovereignty

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