“Human-Centered”: Redefining Success in the Financial Battlefield

Episode #93

When did we start letting numbers define us as human beings? The amount of money you have in the bank, your credit score, your net worth – these all indicate something important in our modern, currency-driven world. But the one thing it shouldn’t define is who we are.

In this latest episode of Intuitive Finance, join us as we dive into bringing relationships back at the heart of personal finance and redefining what it really means to be successful in our money stories.

Show Highlights

  • [02:59] The quantifiable versus the experiential
  • [04:26] Bringing relationships back into focus
  • [06:59] From “I’ll get the next one” to creating currency
  • [09:03] The creation of debt instruments
  • [11:40] Proposing a new financial revolution framework
    1. [11:59] Being human-centered
    2. [13:53] Establishing meaningful interactions
    3. [15:45] Redefining success

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