Inflation, Deflation, And The Big Difference (For You)

Episode #82

Welcome to another episode of Fiscally Savage as we talk about the Fed’s latest moves to control inflation in the US economy. It can be challenging to figure out what this actually means, and easy to get lost among the weeds. Everybody online has their own spin on the news – which can make for a confusing picture at a time when you need the facts.

What is their game plan in all of this? Is there any truth to the official numbers being released – especially for China’s economy? What does this mean for listeners like you?

Join me as I tackle the points that matter in these latest developments, and bring to light the reality behind the economic buzz. Together, we can shed some clarity on what’s going on in these unprecedented times.

Show Highlights

  • [00:42] Why the inflation slowdown isn’t all that great
  • [02:31] Long COVID, retirement, and the Fed
  • [06:22] What does deflation actually look like
  • [07:49] “What happens when I stop spending money?”
  • [10:28] How China might actually have it worse
  • [12:57] Economies of scale make things (almost) cheaper

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