Making Kindness Cool with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Episode #106

People pay Dr. Jeremy Goldberg to make them cry.

A former scientist turned life coach, Jeremy had a decade-long international career working with governments and universities. Along the way, he’d written a Ph.D. thesis on the dance between brain and behavior.

Nowadays, armed with humor and depth, he has been on the TEDx series talking about kindness. With his unconventional journey and approach combined with profound understanding, he has guided others to get them where they really want to go time and time again.

In this episode of Intuitive Finance, join me and Jeremy, also known as Long Distance Love Bombs, as we learn the art of making kindness cool.

Show Highlights

  • [02:23] Kindness and compassion as a foundation
  • [11:59] Jeremy’s story of taking the leap
  • [22:21] Choosing the most exciting form of suffering
  • [28:46] Remembering that humans are social creatures
  • [36:53] Self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance as part of the journey
  • [42:11] Alignment through clarity and action
  • [46:08] Where to find more Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Links & Resources

🟢 Dr. Jeremy Goldberg’s Instagram

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🟢 Intuitive Finance Toolkit

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Books Mentioned

🟢 It’ll Be Okay and You Will Be Too by Dr. Jeremy Goldberg



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