Money & Parenting: What’s Our Role as Parents?

Episode #34

Seemingly simple day-to-day interactions between parents and children can have lasting effects on the latter. For instance, they can give rise to money wounds — stories, beliefs, and thought patterns around money that keep us from abundance.

If left unchecked, money wounds can trickle down from generation to generation. But they don’t have to. We can and should break the cycle for our children, and it starts with understanding our role as parents.

In today’s episode, Dylan talks about how children grow and mature, what our roles as parents are, and how this all connects to our financial lives.

Show Highlights

  • [03:31] Why children are intensely human
  • [05:45] The Freeman attachment cycle
  • [11:23] How the Freeman attachment cycle is often interrupted in a Western context
  • [15:53] How Dr. Benjamin Spock influenced generations of parents
  • [20:05] How parents can unwittingly perpetuate trauma
  • [25:05] How the Freeman attachment cycle connects to our financial lives

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