Navigating Emotions and Wounds Around Money

Episode #18

Money and emotion go hand in hand. We work hard to take care of ourselves, provide for our families, and save up for the future, so it’s hardly surprising that money is an emotional topic for many people.

In this episode of Fiscally Savage, Dylan talks about the dynamic between emotions and money, how emotions can affect your financial decision-making, and why managing your money starts with your emotions.

Show Highlights

  • [03:24] Why money is emotional
  • [05:35] Why money is foundational to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • [08:52] The relationship between logic and the emotions of money 
  • [12:08] Example of how emotions drive decision-making
  • [15:25] On retail therapy and emotional spending
  • [17:12] How emotions come into play when we judge ourselves for spending
  • [20:18] Examples of money wounds
  • [25:08] Why we shouldn’t stress too much about our finances

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