Reflection: The Art of Looking Back and Moving Forward

Episode #110

There comes a quiet lull in the days between Christmas and New Year’s, where there is nothing else to do but rest and reflect.

And so in this episode of Intuitive Finance, that is exactly what we did. Join us as we reflect and look back on the years that have passed, see where we are now, and imagine how we move forward in the upcoming year.

2023 is my emancipation, and 2024 is my year of apotheosis. What have the past years been like, and what will 2024 be for you?

Show Highlights

  • [00:40] Words to my younger self
  • [06:41] The days between Christmas and New Year
  • [07:48] The importance of reflection
  • [15:49] Keeping the trajectory or going a different way
  • [18:05] Emotionally processing and creating closure for yourself
  • [22:27] Addressing what needs to be addressed
  • [23:20] Naming your year

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Books Mentioned

🟢 Man UNcivilized by Traver Boehm



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