Slow and Steady Wealth Building Wins the Race

Episode #56

The great investor Warren Buffet once said, “Few aspects of human existence are more emotion-laden than our relationship to money.” You might hear of friends or colleagues who hit it big in crypto or real estate and think you ought to do the same. But that’s just your emotions (and need to fit in) talking.


Unfortunately, we can’t stop having emotions, and we’re simply hardwired to want to conform to social norms. So what can we do if we want to get a handle on our finances?


In today’s episode, Dylan talks about the importance of working in concert with our emotions, how social norms force us to make suboptimal financial decisions, and the most effective approach to wealth building.

Show Highlights

  • [04:40] Why human beings are social creatures
  • [10:17] How social conventions force us to make suboptimal choices with money
  • [14:11] Why even sports champions are not immune to conformity
  • [20:10] The price of conforming to social norms
  • [22:22] The most effective approach to wealth building

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