Solutions Over Profits: The Actual Root of the Problem

Episode #113

When you have a problem, you have two options. You can either solve the problem you have right now or go out of your way to figure out what is causing the problem in the first place.

In most cases nowadays, we often opt for the first option for one primary reason: profit.

So how do these ineffective “solutions” in turn affect us individually, and what can we do to not get trapped in the same mindset?

Join us on an all-new Intuitive Finance now.

Show Highlights

  • [00:36] The babies in the river
  • [05:12] Looking at the root of the problem
  • [09:17] Communities and things that make life worth living
  • [15:01] 2024 as the year of apotheosis
  • [17:37] Dylan’s new men’s group
  • [19:51] Like Intuitive Finance? Please leave us a five-star rating!

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