Tax Education Part 3: Tax Planning

Episode #85

Tune in now on Fiscally Savage for another enlightening discussion about the complex world of taxes!

In this episode, we continue with our “not tax advice” but rather Tax Education series as we dive into tax planning strategies for both W2 employees and self-employed individuals.

Learn about the W-4 form, psychology and its relation to money and taxes, often-forgotten aspects of owning a business, why you need a “tax guy”, and lastly, effective ways to optimize your taxes.

Join us as we revolutionize your approach to financial sovereignty and set you on the path to financial freedom and empowerment.

Show Highlights

  • [02:53] What is tax planning?
  • Tax planning for W2 employees
    • [03:42] The W-4 form
    • [06:26] Emotions, taxes, and loss aversion
    • [10:25] Most effective ways for W2 employees to tax plan
  • Tax planning for self-employed individuals
    • [16:57] What most business owners forget
    • [18:32] The self-employment tax
    • [19:19] The importance of having a “tax guy”
    • [23:16] Tax planning must-knows for the self-employed

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