Tax Education Part 4: Essentials Guide to Surviving an IRS Audit

Episode #87

Let’s be real, being audited and paying taxes is nobody’s favorite pastime. So what happens in that off-chance that you win the unfortunately IRS lottery of random selection?

In this last installment to our Tax Education series, listen in as we discuss why auditors get a bad rap, who actually gets special attention in audit selections, and what to do when you open your mail one day and you see the official IRS letterhead. Spoiler: Ignoring it is not an option.

Show Highlights

  • [02:12] Why people are so afraid of auditors
  • [07:11] Who makes for a more likely auditing target
  • [11:03] What to do when you actually get audited by the IRS
  • [17:57] 3 ways to help protect yourself in an audit

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