The Age-Old Art of Storytelling with Kymberlee Weil

Episode #112

Kymberlee Weil’s resume speaks for itself. Among the sea of awards, she is also a founder of an award-winning software company, an author, trainer of TEDx speakers, improv comedy performer, among many countless accolades. But in this week’s episode, she lends us her experience in how to tell a story and how to tell it effectively to an audience.

Join us in Intuitive Finance as the magnificent Kymberlee Weil talks about the age-old superpower that is stories, and how we can affect change by telling a great one.

Show Highlights

  • [02:06] The power of stories
  • [04:56] The connection piece in telling stories
  • [11:17] Refining your storytelling process
  • [15:24] Improv and becoming quicker on your feet
  • [51:29] Like Intuitive Finance? Please give us five stars!
  • [28:10] Gauging your audience
  • [32:52] What does your audience need?
  • [37:17] Playing and making things more interesting
  • [48:34] Where to find more Kymberlee Weil

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