The Alchemy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Anthropology with Robert Wunderlich

Episode #114

Our guest in this episode is Mr. Robert Wunderlich. A husband and a father, Robert also holds a master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Wyoming and holds a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has also been a certified UNcivilized Men’s coach since 2021.

Robert has been consistently training since 2004 and received his black belt under Dave Ruiz in December 2012. He now operates the Shokunin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association and the Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Arvada.

Join us as Robert delves into the application of Brazilian jiu-jitsu practice in life, the enormous effects of small mindset shifts, and how knowledge from both anthropology and Brazilian jiu-jitsu has helped shape his approach to both disciplines. We also delve into the importance of diversity and the importance and impact of just taking the next step.

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Show Highlights

  • [02:51] How BJJ practice relates to life
  • [10:45] Success, patience, and setting expectations
  • [15:35] The kind of life Robert wants
  • [22:58] The effect of a small shift in mindset
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  • [28:32] How jiu-jitsu informed Robert’s path in anthropology and vice versa
    • [29:04] Culture, language, and diversity
    • [43:12] What drives the conflict
    • [44:33] Anthropology in jiu-jitsu coaching
  • [48:59] The most important step is the next step
  • [54:09] Where to find more Robert Wunderlich

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