The Emotional Spending Conflict: Building Better Financial Habits

Episode #98

Money is emotional. That’s why putting logic at the forefront never works out.

Personal finance is personal. And so, in order to reimagine our money stories and build better financial habits, we have to start treating them that way.

Facing the conflict between the “right” logical approach versus emotional financial spending isn’t easy. Money conversations never are. But the process and the challenge is 100% worth it.

Why don’t we start now?

Show Highlights

  • [03:33] Emotions at the driver’s seat
  • [07:49] Poor attachments and addiction
  • Case studies of emotional financial spending
    • [11:37] Spending to feel better
    • [16:05] Spending to numb out
    • [18:26] Spending out of avoidance
  • [20:34] How to build better financial habits

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