The Indispensable Man: Embracing Courage in a Changing World with Kristofor Healey

Episode #118

In this episode of Fiscally Savage, we sat down with Kristofor Healey – a seasoned speaker, accomplished author, and former law enforcement officer. He shares his experiences in law enforcement, emphasizing the importance of living a life with valor, rooted in courage and the pursuit of virtue.

From navigating the ever-changing landscape of life and technology to Bitcoin and AI, join us and get inspired to face adversity, take risks, and find ways to test your mettle, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Show Highlights

  • [00:56] What makes a man indispensable
  • [16:14] The six f’s
  • [18:07] AI, and being an early adopter of technology
  • [28:50] The concept of living with valor
  • [33:38] Applying valor in daily life
  • [37:14] Trauma in law enforcement and military
  • [41:43] Importance of recognizing and dealing with trauma
  • [47:18] Living in the present moment
  • [50:20] Where to find Kristofor Healey

Links & Resources

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Books Mentioned

🟢 Indispensable: A Tactical Plan for the Modern Man by Kristofor Healey



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