The Path Forward: Understanding the Metrics of Success

Episode #107

Much like everything else, success now isn’t defined like it was generations ago. So why are we still judging ourselves by different, inapplicable standards?

A job and trade mastery versus a career and work-life balance. Land ownership, status, and community versus having social impact. These are only a few of the many differences between the traditional and modern metrics of success. But we know that with money stories being passed on generation to generation, metrics can get muddled.

So how do we figure out which ones to follow? How do we apply these in our personal financial visions? How do we chart a path going forward?

Show Highlights

  • [03:07] Traditional metrics of success
  • [06:49] Modern metrics of success
  • [10:24] Understanding the differences in metrics then vs. now
  • [14:34] Remembering that we’re humans
  • [17:50] Starting with a vision

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