The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan: What’s Next?

Episode #80

Join us on another episode of Fiscally Savage as we discuss the recent developments surrounding President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

What’s the Supreme Court’s role in government, and how did it come into play with their decision to strike out the program? What are the various opinions surrounding the plan, and what are Biden’s next steps?

Going beyond the headlines, let’s respond to these recent events and make informed choices. Tune in for an empowering and informative discussion that combines insights on the future of student loans and your personal financial decision-making.

Show Highlights

  • [01:31] The Supreme Court’s role in government
  • [02:50] Recent developments on the student loan forgiveness plan
  • [04:39] The major questions doctrine
  • [06:27] The Higher Education Act of 1965 as Plan B
  • [07:55] What’s next with student loans?
  • [11:55] “What’s in it for me?”

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