The System vs. The Individual: Which Side Are You On?

Episode #36

In today’s episode, Dylan talks about the system versus the individual debate. Are we completely responsible for our place in society? Can our individual actions meaningfully change the system? How do we begin to approach this hotly contested political football?

Show Highlights

  • [03:29] Things in the political realm that hold true for Dylan
  • [06:52] The system versus the individual
  • [09:15] On people who believe systems are paramount
  • [13:44] The core of the “systems are paramount” idea
  • [17:41] On the idea that the individual is paramount
  • [20:18] On people who believe that the individual is paramount
  • [22:17] Why systems and individuals have a symbiotic relationship
  • [26:14] Why the system versus the individual debate matters when it comes to personal finance

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