The Truth Behind Gloomy Tech Layoff Headlines

Episode #29

Over the past few months, tech companies as big as Amazon, Meta, and Netflix laid workers off by the thousands. And announcements of job cuts keep coming.

Despite the gloomy headlines, however, tech layoffs aren’t actually that big of a deal for the economy as a whole. The need for tech talent remains steady across other sectors and tech hiring is still strong, as per the recently released US jobs report. So, the question we should ask ourselves is: Why are these companies laying these people off? 

In today’s episode, Dylan discusses the recent tech layoffs and their many nuances, quiet hiring, and US labor productivity.

Show Highlights

  • [02:33] Why layoffs are inherently emotional
  • [04:32] How expecting a recession can trigger a recession
  • [07:57] Why tech companies’ profits are going down
  • [14:35] On quiet hiring
  • [17:06] Why US productivity growth is so slow
  • [21:51] On the importance of working for yourself

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