Trust: The Key to Financial Institutions and Transactions

Episode #99

Our entire society is run by financial institutions. Financial institutions and transactions – well, that involves money. The problem is that money and trust hardly ever mix.

So what has been done to establish such trust? How do we continue to trust despite these institutions failing us in the past? And most importantly, what can this do for our personal financial growth?

Find out in this episode as we discuss the crucial role of trust in finance.

Show Highlights

  • [02:22] Trust in transactions
  • Ways financial institutions provide trust
    • [06:05] Arm’s length transactions
    • [07:56] Regulation and transparency
    • [10:58] Reducing friction in the system
  • Instances financial institutions have failed
    • [12:08] The Great Depression
    • [13:49] The Great Recession
    • [14:54] The case of Bernie Madoff
  • How to build trust with your “clients”
    • [16:40] Transparency and honesty
    • [18:27] Consistent communication
    • [19:54] Clear expectations
    • [20:43] Long-term relational focus
    • [23:28] Feedback

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