Unpacking the Social Contract Theory

Episode #11

“Quiet quitting” is on the rise in a post-COVID world. But what is it, exactly? And why is it happening?

To answer these questions, Dylan turns to the concept of the social contract as presented by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Show Highlights

  • [01:42] On the link between “quiet quitting” and social contracts
  • [02:34] Thomas Hobbes and Leviathan
  • [03:38] Hobbes on government
  • [05:28] The social contract theory of Hobbes
  • [08:42] John Locke on human nature and social order
  • [10:46] The difference between Hobbes’ and Locke’s social contract theories
  • [12:52] Jean-Jacques Rousseau main argument in The Social Contract
  • [14:41] On whether Rousseau’s ideas influenced the French Revolution
  • [18:33] The social contracts in our day-to-day lives
  • [20:43] Bottom line
  • [21:29] Closing statements

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