Value Versus Extraction: The Relation Between Ethics and Finances

Episode #115

In this episode, we venture into a nuanced exploration of the intricate relationship between ethics and finances.

In a world where judgment often accompanies discussions about money, we are here to explore reshaping the narrative, guiding you towards a healthier understanding of the ethical dimensions of finance.

How do we tell apart ethical and non-ethical systems? What are the telltale signs? Where do we fall in all of this, and what responsibilities do we have? What should our priorities be?

Elevate your awareness of the profound connections between value, ethics, and our own money stories, only here on Intuitive Finance.

Show Highlights

  • [02:24] The relation between money and ethics
  • [07:26] Ethical systems and value
  • [10:26] Non-ethical systems and extraction
  • [15:49] “Capital S” Systems versus personal systems
  • [20:26] Prioritizing your personal system

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