When Was the Last Time You Courted Your Muse?

Episode #39

From toxic clouds to record-high inflation, the barrage of bad news can push even the best of people into pessimism and dredge up some existential questions, like what gives life meaning? Why are we even here? What should we do with our lives?


These questions all circle around the notion of having a purpose — a reason to wake up, move forward, and find joy. Unfortunately for too many people, that sense of purpose has been absent for a while or has steadily withered over time. For some, it was never really there.


So, what can you do if you’re struggling to find purpose? The answer is astonishingly romantic: court your Muse.


In today’s episode of Fiscally Savage, Dylan underscores the value of courting one’s Muse — that ethereal well of inspiration — in re-examining why we do what we do.

Show Highlights

  • [01:56] Why men want purpose
  • [04:39] What happens when you court your Muse
  • [07:24] How building wealth ties into the pursuit of purpose and beauty

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