Why You Need to Start Working for Yourself

Episode #6

In this episode of the Fiscally Savage podcast, Dylan talks about the significance of value in the money equation, how you can develop your value, and what it means to work for yourself in today’s economy.

Show Highlights

  • [03:26] Self-improvement as the key to making your time more valuable
  • [04:54] The first thing you need to do to develop your value
  • [05:47] Why charm can make you valuable
  • [06:11] Why insight can make you valuable
  • [07:06] Why reliability can make you valuable
  • [07:34] W-2 self-employment and what it means
  • [08:03] The questions to ask yourself as a W-2 employee who wants to be self-employed
  • [11:05] Why you should evaluate what your job does for you
  • [15:19] The key difference between self-service and selfishness
  • [15:40] Working out as an act of serving yourself
  • [18:46] The questions to ask yourself when thinking about your position in the job market
  • [21:19] How Dylan used his experiences as a teacher to successfully apply for his first job as an auditor

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