Your Guide to Living Your Budget, Not Just Planning It

Episode #46

If your finances are a house, then your budget is its foundation.


Budgeting plays a key role in helping you achieve your financial goals, but creating a budget and living by it are two different things. It’s easy to create a budget plan outlining your income and expenses for the month. The hard part is sticking to that plan day in and day out.


In today’s episode, Dylan discusses budgeting and the importance of grounding it in reality.

Show Highlights

  • [02:38] What happens when you start getting your financial house in order
  • [05:01] Why budgets as a statement of values, a conversation, and a starting point
  • [09:25] How to start a budget with the Fiscally Savage Spending Analyzer
  • [11:42] What is zero-based budgeting?
  • [18:42] What’s next after estimating your expenses?
  • [23:25] Why budgeting is an evergreen commitment

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